Deep Zoom (and why we love it)


Deep Zoom is one of those things that comes along every now and again and just blows your hair back. Microsoft’s first major public Deep Zoom project was with Hard Rock cafe, showcasing their memorabilia collection at

It’s essentially a way for us to access high-res images online, in a browser environment – even on our SA connection. It provides seamless viewing and zooming of large images by only loading the data necessary to show the part of the image that the user is viewing.

Deep Zoom is a feature that’s available in the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 plugin (get the plugin from

Useful links

Note: We found a bug in the Deep Zoom Composer: it won’t allow you to do compositions more than 4 images deep. I suspect we won’t see this fixed in the near future, bearing in mind the composer was someone’s weekend project, fiddling around.

Some fun DeepZoom links:



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