Dell XT2 – shoowow


The mac breathed it’s last little sigh on Tuesday. Well, if it was a sigh it would imply it went quietly. No, this one SCREAMED into the dark night. Literally. The fan (right one) has been dying for a while and on Tuesday it got so bad that my colleagues thought I was murdering technology at my desk. Luckily for me the very very nice guys at Dell (Ockert C) had loaned us the new uber sexy Dell XT2 to play with and demo for the next 6 months.

Let’s talk about the Dell XT2; small, sleek and lightweight with super power. The hardware capabilities are such that this little beastie is touch and multi-touch enabled. In normal speak it means that it’s more than just a tablet – I can use a stylus (or my finger) to input, click, tap, scroll etc. BUT I can also use two fingers in a pinching motion on screen to zoom in (enlarge) or zoom out (make teeny) my web pages. Now I can see what the fuss is about devices such as Kindle. Finally it makes sense to read online because I can interact with my media same as I would a book. Yummy!

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing – day 1 and day 2 the mouse was hopping around like a horse heading for home. No matter what I did, the top right corner was the most fascinating for this little pointer to zip off to (and click all by itsself). I thought the beastie had been invaded by a Poltergeist (or this is PC experience and I’ve been on Mac too long). And then, the a-ha! This is a touch device, you have to calibrate it. Fixed.

Chronicles of XT2 beastie will continue. But so far (apart from missing my silver sleekness), this one is pretty cool.

And look how glam;

Beastie has a home

Beastie has a home


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