XAMLFest: A 5-day event for Silverlight and WPF users



XAMLFest Online is a five day event hosted by msdev.com. It is delivered by both recorded sessions and over Live Meeting. Five sessions covers WPF, Silverlight and the Visual Studio and Expression tools. The sessions focus on real life line of business solutions. 

In order to attend, attendees must register for each event. Recorded sessions will be available May 25. Live events are offered for designers in the morning (9 am Pacific, noon Eastern) and for developers (1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern) in the afternoons the week of June 1. Just because you are a developer though, you can learn the designer tools and expand your skill set. Designers can learn what happens on the back end systems in the developer sessions. You’ll have access to proctors and question and answers during the live sessions.

Sign up for all sessions online. You’ll need to sign up for each session to participate. Once you register, you’ll have access to the source code that will give you a jump start on your next user interface project.


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